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Registry of Non Profits Organizations in El Salvador

Registry of Non Profits Organizations in El Salvador, NPO in El Salvador.


1. Preparation of the Regulations which will manage the Association.

2. Once the Regulations are approved, the Articles of Association is granted.

3. Preparation of Association’s list of members.

4. Election of the first Board of Directors according to the Regulations established.

5. Preparation of Accounting Books, Minute Book and Members Book; these books must be filed before the Registry Office in order to be legalized along with the Articles of Association.

Requirements for registration at the Registry Office of Non Profit Associations and Foundations

a) Application duly signed by the President of the Association and addressed to the Department of the Interior.

b) Two testimonies of the master copy of Articles of Association of the Foundation or Association to which it refers, and besides, the Regulations and the first Board of Directors duly approved, including three copies of these documents.

c) Three copies of the Regulations with separated articles.

d) Evidence of the Association’s List of Members recording their nationalities and identity cards.

e) Certification of the Minutes of Election of the Board of Directors.

f) Minutes Books for recording General Meetings of the Board of Directors, Records of Members and Accounting Books.

Professional Fees USD 1,850.00