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El Salvador Real Estate

This is an exclusive service to Gold Service’s clients.

GOLD SERVICE has had the experience of founding many corporations, as much of local capital as foreign capital, many of them have needed in order to start their operations, a place for their offices, residences for their executives, for its Industrial use, free trade zone spaces or malls.

GOLD SERVICE may help you obtain better conditions and a wider range of options, since we know Market’s values, strategic commercial zones, low risk areas, residential zones with a higher tranquility and security level. Our legal area has the capacity to elaborate a renting or transaction contract of any kind of real estate safeguarding and favoring your interests.

We can also get you in touch with any verified capacity and experience company to remodel, construct or to adapt the buildings according to your necessities.

The services in this area are coordinated by the Engineer Mauricio Melhado, an experienced professional with a wide résumé pricing, designing and remodeling buildings, locals and residences, industrial ships construction, design and construction permits obtaining, plotting and urbanizations.